Classes Offered

We offer Tiny Tot combination classes for our youngest dancers ages 2-4 years old.

Dancers 4 & up can choose which style of dance they would like to focus on each session.


Tiny Tot Ballet/Tumbling


We offer Ballet/Tumbling combination classes for our dancers who are under 4 years old. Fun classes for 2, 3, and 4 year olds that introduce

rhythm, music appreciation, creative movement, coordination, participation, flexibility, and basic dance technique through fun games and simple routines.

30 minutes class / once per week



A fast-paced class introducing many different types of jazz dance -

from traditional to hip hop. As with all classes offered, ballet

is used as a foundation for proper technique, along with strength

and flexibility exercises, isolation skills, spins, and leaps.

45 minutes class / once per week


Hip Hop


Popular high-energy class that uses the latest music, combined

with movement and choreography inspired by current trends.

Our younger hip hop dancers will also learn basic jazz technique.

45 minutes class / once per week


Ballet is the foundation to all dance forms. Includes basic

vocabulary, emphasizes strength, discipline, gracefulness,
balance, flexibility, coordination, alignment, and musicality.

45 minutes class / once per week


Baton Twirling


A very challenging, fast-paced class that combines

ballet and jazz technique with baton twirling skills.

Improves coordination, promotes balance, grace,

ambidexterity, and self-confidence.

45 minutes class / once per week


The most rhythmic of all dance forms, this class combines

jazz and different tap styles. Enhances the student’s

ability to understand and count music.

45 minutes class / once per week




A style of jazz and contemporary dance with a strong element of ballet relating to the lyrics and style of music. Powerful dance that is all about the body’s natural lines and energy - highly musical movement with isolations, athleticism, gestures. 

45 minutes class / once per week